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Recovery Wellness Center at the GOP Convention! Last chance!

Attention GOP Delegates and guests in recovery!  The Recovery Wellness Center will be open for one more meeting at 4PM! The Center is located across the Platt St Bridge from the Convention, at the corner of Cedar and Platt.  It is on Cedar across from the First United Methodist Church. It is an easy walk […]

Recovery Wellness Center At the GOP Convention

Here we are at the Recovery Wellness Center in Tampa! Myself and Billy Losiah-Bratt are hosting recovery meetings at 10AM, Noon and 4PM. The picture here is of the Recovery Wellness Center, located on Cedar Street behind the Centre, at 305 S. Hyde, off Kennedy downtown.  The Center is an easy walk from the Convention Center […]

Recovery Wellness Center at the GOP Convention — Amid the Whitecaps and Wind

Faces and Voices of Recovery is honored to offer a haven for delegates and guests who would like to search out some serenity at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week.  It was certainly encouraging to see the convention get started amid the wild weather produced by Tropical Storm Isaac and we wish everyone well as the […]

Recovery In Tampa — At The GOP Convention

Welcome to the Recovery Wellness Room at the GOP Convention. My colleague Pat Taylor and I set up the room today for opening Tuesday at 10AM, for meetings at 10, Noon and 4PM. Located at 305 S. Hyde Park, in the rear of The Centre building, which is a beautiful old mansion style place just […]

Republican National Convention – Press Release

  Recovery Wellness Room Available for Delegates, Guests at Republican National Convention –Faces & Voices of Recovery and The Coalition for Whole Health Sponsor First Venue Specifically for People in Recovery from Addiction, Mental Illness–  Washington, D.C. (25 August 2012) – Faces & Voices of Recovery and The Coalition for Whole Health announced today the […]

Recovery Wellness room in Tampa

Ben Bass, Faces & Voices board member and Executive Director of the Recovery Alliance, flew in from El Paso this afternoon. We’ve been distributing flyers about the Recovery Wellness room to hotels where state delegations are staying for the Republican National Convention. Due to Hurricane Isaac, the rooms at  the Centre, behind 305 South Hyde Park Ave. on Cedar […]

Commentary: Recovery/Wellness Rooms at National Party Conventions

Faces & Voices Executive Director, Pat Taylor got the word out about our Recovery/Wellness Rooms at National Party Conventions with a piece on Join Together & The Partnership at – follow the link or read her commentary here: For many people, the journey from the culture of addiction to the culture of recovery includes […]