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Weekend’s Rally for Recovery a big boost to our Voting Rights campaign

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth (KFTC) This past weekend, our allies at People Advocating Recovery (PAR) held their big, annual Rally For Recovery in Louisville and KFTC members were invited as always to talk to people about our campaign to restore voting rights to former felons who have served their debt to society. In all, we collected over 250 […]

Organizing Tools for Making your Recovery Voice Count!

In addition to our 2012 Guide to Non-Partisan Civic Engagement that we shared in our first post and our 2012 Recovery Voices Count PowerPoint Presentation, Faces and Voices has a number of great organizing tools to make your Recovery Voice Count! Check out these resources for your next Advocacy Action Area, voter drive, or lobbying efforts: […]

New Jersey 2012 Election Guide!

Every Election Season NCADD-NJ provides NJ citizens with an Election Guide that has all you need to know about voting in the state including a number of issue highlights, points to share and questions to ask candidate running for office, a list of candidates running for office, and election frequently asked questions! Here is the 2012 […]

Worldwide Rally for Recovery! on September 15, 2012

Recovery Month events can be a great time to rally people in recovery to make their voices count this election season! Check out our press release on this weekend’s events: WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR RECOVERY! on SEPTEMBER 15, 2012 Celebrations in Detroit, MI, Hartford, CT, Dublin, Ireland to be streamed live, call for end to discriminatory […]

Get your Recovery Gear now!

Buttons, stickers, t-shirts, you name it – we’ve got great recovery gear online in our web store to help spread the message that Recovery Voices Count during your Recovery Month events!

Photos from Recovery Wellness rooms and Democratic Convention

Photos from Recovery Wellness rooms and Democratic Convention

Here is some photos of the recovery wellness rooms, materials used, some special guests, convention goer’s and pictures of the Recovery Caucus.


Recovery Wellness Rooms in Charlotte a success!

My name is Aaron Kucharski and I had the privilege of working with the Coalition for Whole Health, Faces & Voices of Recovery and its partners to organize the Recovery Wellness Rooms at the Democratic Convention this year! I was in charge of the volunteers that would be staffing the rooms at the Charlotte Convention […]